Paul Meacham the mythical beast-man from Heber Arizona was another favorite. These guys were known for making huge monsters out of everything, from a baby leopard, to horses, cattle, chickens, snakes, and even a bear named Billy. Meadow Hollow was just one of many such towns that sprang up around the nation due to this sort of development. After his wife and son were killed by a madman at the behest of their neighbor, Joe Meacham, Joe’s sister, Susan, took his job as the town butcher, cutting into the town’s animals in a field at night. Her husband was murdered, and her family’s dog, Bo, died of a freak infection, but Joe kept the town going and became involved in many of the local projects of the day. And here’s the main character of this taleā€¦ Meadow Hollow is an old mining town that has been abandoned by local farmers who were forced off their land by the mining business that made them rich. The local townspeople, the Witherspoons and Wetherskins, started hunting down the madmen to keep them off their land. The madmen eventually became tired of this business, and they figured out a way to control them. This is the character in “The Mule”. In a town of a thousand people, this sort of work might seem too scary for most of us today, but for a man like me, who lived in a small town in the western part of Idaho, it was the kind of thing that just seemed appropriate. And there are so many stories of crazy people and monsters in nature, like this “Dancing Mountain Man” in the Yellowstone region of eastern Wyoming. All too often, we want to believe that this evil is more a part of nature than what we see in our modern world. The story of Meacham’s ghost and his town is an excellent story with a happy ending. So when you have a story about a madman who makes his living by selling a body that he can’t see and a town that is slowly being left abandoned by people who can’t pay their rent, there is something very wrong in the world of this story. But when you learn it was Meacham’s ghost that led to the town becoming abandoned, and to the death of his wife and two daughters, you can finally begin to see the whole thing in a bit of perspective. Like everything in this world, it is based on stories and myths. But this is a story that was told in the name of God and Jesus of Nazareth, so let’s examine what the stories and myths tell us about why this story was brought to life. Why We Need Stories in Our Life to Work for Us I believe that the main reason that we need stories in our lives is this. Stories and myths are not just stories about the supernatural, or the power and evil of the unknown. We need these stories and myths as a means of creating connection and connection can always be broken. So here we are, in the modern world, with the Internet. For many of us, the Internet has brought many of the good and bad elements that we were used to when we were children into our lives. For some of us, the Internet has provided us with the chance to connect with family and friends, the ability to share our personal experiences, the ability to create something personal that makes us think differently about other people, and the ability to communicate with other people about those experiences. But these days, there are too many distractions out there. We can easily just go on Facebook, Twitter, and all the other internet sites that we want without the need for story telling. We forget how it was different, that this great nation that we are a part of was created by God. We forget the connection to each other and our neighbors that life and death have always provided us with. Now, I don’t claim that we all want to be in the Internet. If we were, we could never connect with friends and family. But that is a wonderful thing. We can go online and chat like crazy or even go down to the bar where we get a drink, talk about our day with someone new who looks like us, or hang out at that bar where we’ve met other friends, if we want to, but the problem with that is that we need stories in our lives to work for us. Stories to make us laugh, to make us reflect and move forward. I am not saying that we should have our lives completely devoid of stories and myths, because of course we want stories. But we need stories about our communities and our lives, because that is what helps us connect with each other and how we get along in life